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Seaford Koryukan is located at Seaford Lifesaving Club opposite the intersection of Station St and Nepean Hwy Seaford, in Melbourne's south east (next to the Seaford Pier). We train at 7:30pm Monday & Thursday and some Saturday mornings at 8am.


At Seaford Koryukan we focus on practical self defence techniques for adults, including various striking and receiving practices, kicking, joint manipulations, strangles, throws, & groundwork, as well as training in a variety of weapons.

Our classes are small and training varies from week to week though it generally includes warm ups & conditioning exercises, discussions of fighting strategy, plus fighting drills & 2 person partner practices, or contact sparring / grappling.

Our instructors have decades of martial arts experience, and we are part of the international Koryukan network which operates under the guidance of Hanshi Patrick McCarthy.

In particular, our training integrates 3 martial art styles :

  • Koryu Uchinadi Kenpo Jutsu
  • Aiki Kenpo Jujutsu
  • Yamane Ryu Kobudo  

Further information on our group can be obtained by calling Sensei Wolfgang Vogel on      M: 0400 523 501 or by checking our Facebook pages at https://www.facebook.com/SeafordKU .